Share your memories of The Brookside Hotel here.

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    I’m Rose & Larry Starkman’s grandson, Carole’s son. I have so many good memories of the Brookside growing up. Was watching a special on Kutcher’s and was telling my wife about my own experience i could relate to.

    Thanks for hosting this site so that the memory can live on.

    Loved your Mom & Dad. They were wondeful people.

  2. Philip Edwards says:

    My parents Harold and Ruth Edwards came to the Brookside often. Annually they can with my dads social group, the Loomis club. A dozen or so members from Jackson heights queens would spend a weekend together eating, drinking and laughing.
    Later, when I got married, we joined my parents a number of times. One we came with my 2 young daughters. I remember Sadie and Nate very well. Treated my parents like family. Great memories

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