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brookside recipesFrom Sadie’s Kitchen:

Brookside Recipes: Straight from Sadie’s Kitchen

We are going to add some recipes of some of the food that was made at the Brookside as I can get them from Sadie. If you have a memory of a favorite food let me know so I can ask her for the recipe.

We are going to start with two of Rich’s favorites, chopped liver and cabbage soup.

Cabbage Soup:

Usually the recipe was for 200 people so getting it cut down to only a few gallons was a problem for my mother, but if you are brave give it a try.

To start you need a big soup pot….then take 1 or 2 heads of cabbage and chop it coarsely. Put it into boiling water and when it returns to boiling drain the water out of the pot. Replace with cold water to cover the cabbage.

Add tomato puree 2 #303 cans [large cans of tomato puree found in supermarkets], a few beef bones with marrow. Add 1 cup of sour salt, 1-1 1/2 cups of sugar. Simmer for about 4 hours. You can season to taste to taste with pepper.

1-2 heads of cabbage 7-8 pounds
tomato puree 2 #303 cans
3-4 boiling beef/bones
sour salt 1 cup
sugar 1 1/2 cups

Sadie’s Chopped Liver:

As far as the chopped liver is concerned. I will try to do my best. I think that 1 pound of liver might be too much, but you need to judge how much you want to make

1 lb of calf liver
6 large eggs
three large yellow onions
1-2 cloves of garlic

Saute onions in oil, a generous amount, otherwise the liver will be too dry. I would say about 1/2 cup. boil eggs, make sure they are hard and boil the liver until the pink is all gone. If you are using a processor, do the liver first until chopped and then add the eggs and sauted onion. The onions should be well done and have a caramelized hue to them. Not burnt. I sometimes put a clove of garlic into the onions while they are frying. The onion are really fried, keep it on a pretty high flame. Season with salt and pepper and voila it should be chopped liver.

Sadie’s Chopped Eggplant Salad:

Soften eggplant in toaster oven 350 degrees for about 30-45 minutes
peel it AND save the juice!!!! don’t throw it away

Take a small onion, 1 green pepper chop fairly fine but not mushy [could use food processor]

2 Tbsp vinegar
1 Tbsp sugar
1 Teaspoon salt to start

Mix all together in bowl and add oil 1/2 cup. You Can keep in refrigerator for up to a month

Sadie’s Stuffed Cabbage:

Either you can put a cabbage in the freezer for a day and defrost it, once it is defrosted, put the cabbage in water and separate the cabbage leaves OR you can blanch the cabbage in boiling water and separate the leaves a few at a time. The make the stuffing as follows:

Stuffing: (Enough for about a dozen stuffed cabbage leaves)
1 pound chopped meat
1/2 cup rice not overcooked, still firm
1 onion grated
1 beaten egg

Combine everything except the chopped meat and mix; then add the chopped meat

Then fill the cabbage leaves with equal amounts of stuffing and roll each cabbage and close by tucking in the ends [fold on the edges]

The sauce is made as follows:

Saute onion/garlic
add tomato puree [about a can the size of a can of corn #303]
sour salt or lemon
Sugar in addition to jam [about 1/4 cup]
Apricot jam or other citrus jam [just a little bit what ever that means to Sadie]
water to dilute the tomato puree

Cook on low and simmer on stove or cook in oven on low heat setting
More of Sadie’s recipes will be available soon. Please check back and leave a note if you have a favorite you want to see posted here.

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  1. Ruth Friedman Scianablo says:

    What about the vegetarian chopped liver recipe??

  2. Amie says:

    My Mom used to make a vegetarian chopped liver, with green beans, onions, and hard boiled eggs. does that sound familiar?

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