Share your memories of The Brookside Hotel here.

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  1. Mona Schnapp says:

    Hi Jeff, Yes, we were at the Brookside at the same time. I have a sister, Barri and my Dad did trade shows and we lived in Muttontown at the time!
    I too was very sad to hear of Sadie’s passing

  2. Cheryl Ratner says:

    My family spent many vacations at the Brookside Hotel so finding your website was a happy surprise.
    My mother, who turns 92 on July 20, has many memories of your parents and their hotel. She recalls
    pretty much every room we’ve stayed in, including one your mother called “The Bridal Suite.” I think you’d
    enjoy talking with her. I sent an email with my phone info in the event you’d like to contact her.
    Thanks again for doing this website. I know there are Facebook pages for Catskills Mountain memories where
    They’ll be thrilled learning about this.

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