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  1. Robin (Walpow) Starr says:

    I too found this from the Facebook page. I went a number of summers to the Brookside and remember staying not in the main house, but in a row of motel-type buildings. Memories include dinner in the dining room, making enamel pins in day camp (no idea why that sticks in my mind, but I remember it so clearly) and walking on the flat rocks. My biggest memory involves playing Bingo one night with my mother and I won the grand prize on my card, a whopping $21, which at age 10 or so was a major deal. I got a lot of dirty looks from some of the adults, though! My winning number was B-4, and to this day, I consider 4 my lucky number because of that. Boy, I miss the Catskills; things were so easy then.

    • Hope Jasper says:

      We also never stayed in the main house. I guess it was too expensive! We stayed along the row of rooms. There was a siding type divider to separate my cot from my parents bed area. We were always a long walk from the main house, either through the long corridor of other rooms or the door that lead to the outside and you’d walk on the grounds from there.

  2. Roz Berenbaum Lucas says:

    what memories! Living and growing up in Kerhonkson the Brookside was always a part or my life. My relatives always vacationed here, I worked there for a summer and I got married there! Loved Sadie and Nate and have only the best memories of the Friedmans and the Brookside.

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