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  1. Fran says:

    I spent all of my summers from 18 months old at the Brookside. I wondered if anyone had any pictures etc. and I just came across this website. I was the mascot at the camp every summer as told by my parents. I still remember a woman who stayed in one of the bungalow houses giving me a lollipop each time I visited her. I am not sure if the family is still around. But, I am Norman and Marilyn Adler’s daughter. We visited in the sixties and seventies. I have wonderful memories! Wish the buildings were still around. I actually remember what it looked like from such a young age.

  2. WENDIE SROUR says:

    Hi. I used to go to the Brookside every year with my family through my father’s lodge Knights Of Pythias. What great memories from that time in my life. Billy Rubin ran every week-end and I can remember Nate always being available at any given moment to make our week-ends unforgettable. I am so glad that I found this site.

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